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Mon, 16 May 2016

Drive Growth with Omnichannel Customer Experiences [Podcast]

For most consumer-facing brands delivering hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences to their customers is not an easy task. That’s because building superior omnichannel experiences means putting the customer at the center of the overall experience. Below are the three areas critical for a winning customer experience design:


To satisfy the customer, a mobile moment’s interactivity must be sensitive to the user context at that moment. For example, the photo-processing mobile app Photon built for the nation’s largest drugstore chain (more information about the app here) uses a smartphone’s geolocation to recognize when the customer is in its store to transform itself into a different app. The app quickly proved its value when the drug retailer reported six times the revenue from a single customer who interacted through multiple channels.

The above example, in fact, is an example of omnichannel, where from the customer perspective, the various channels (mobile app and in-store in this case) fuse into a single brand experience. “When a customer interacts with a brand, they expect the same experience to carry over, whether it’s within the store or whether it’s when they’re interacting with a sales associate, from a true omnichannel perspective. Putting the customer in the center of that overall experience, whether it be analog or digital or otherwise, we believe are the foundational pieces for omnichannel,” explains Mukund Balasubramanian, CTO of Photon.

When you put the power in the hands of a customer, you derive value, and such digital transformation impacts the bottom line. For the brands that we serve, that bottom line is what digital is all about.

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