Digital Transformation Insights

Wed, 27 May 2015

Photon and Slyce are partnering to bring visual search to retail

By Mark Elfenbein, President and CEO, Slyce Inc. & Mukund Balasubramanian, Co-founder and CTO, Photon

Slyce Visual Search

The impact of mobile has been significant for the retail industry in several ways. Some changes brought about have required retailers to make only minor adaptations to their current ways of operating in order to meet the shifting needs of their customers while others have created entirely new opportunities to compete and grow.

As consumer shopping via mobile continues to increase as a percentage of total commerce, retailers have become highly motivated to accommodate the shifting consumer trends to search for, research and buy from their mobile devices as well as to combat the ongoing threat from ‘showrooming’. Visual search technology (“Shazam for stuff”) is a powerful new tool able to help retailers does exactly that.

Slyce is a pioneer in the development of mobile visual search technology. Its platform allows retailers to connect with consumers immediately as they encounter a product and begin to nourish a desire to own it.

A critical value Photon brings to its customers is the ability to investigate, validate and integrate the most important new technologies coming to the market which have the potential to bring significant benefits. Photon leads the development of omni-channel architecture for clients, helping each to fill out that architecture with individual components in order to precisely fit their needs. Photon has worked this way with numerous technologies in recent years including iBeacons, Wearables, IoT, new payment models and most recently Apple Watch.

Photon recently integrated Slyce’s visual search technology in two of its customer sites and the two companies are excited to announce that they have now signed an agreement to formalize an ongoing partnership.

Photon’s customers will derive significant benefits from the partnership in the form of superior, reliable solutions as well as faster deployments and better training due to closer cooperation between the technologists at Photon Labs and Slyce.