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Wed, 31 Oct 2018

PhotonWorld 2018: The Event Summary

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PhotonWorld 2018 was Photon's fifth, invitation-only, customer networking event for senior executives in the digital transformation space. With a gathering of 177 attendees from top Fortune 500 global brands, PhotonWorld 2018 was the biggest PhotonWorld ever. This year, PhotonWorld featured distinguished visionary leaders—across retail, CPG, healthcare, and financial services—who discussed their cutting-edge business practices that have moved Digital Beyond the Transformation.

A Look at Digital Beyond the Transformation

With a full house, PhotonWorld 2018 was marked by insights, inspiration, and innovation. The best and brightest C-level executives shared their road-tested tactical advice and first-hand success stories on taking Digital Beyond the Transformation. At the previous PhotonWorld, we talked extensively about the journey taken towards digital transformation. This year, we discussed what’s next, with a theme of #ThinkBeyond.

Throughout the event, industry luminaries and digital leaders reiterated the importance of speed and agility in an era where digital technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Design Thinking, and Immersive Experiences are constantly accelerating and redefining the pace of change.

View our infographic to know how PhotonWorld 2018 turned out to be one of digital’s finest events.

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Learn more about PhotonWorld 2018 here. And if you’d like to discuss bleeding-edge business practices that are moving digital beyond the transformation, then connect with Photon today.