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Wed, 31 Aug 2016

Top 7 Benefits of Omnichannel Personalization

Perfect omnichannel experiences are not just delivered seamlessly across all channels but are also consistently personalized for the individual consumer based on the user context, time, journey, browse history, situational and social data, and so forth.

But do personalized omnichannel experience drive better customer engagement, revenue, conversion, order value, and customer loyalty? Check for yourself to decide how consumers reward omnichannel personalization.


ICONS-5.pngHigh Conversions and ROI

Personalized omnichannel experiences such as dynamic online merchandising, product recommendations, and content based on customer behavior, social interactions, demographic, clickstream data, in-store behavior, weather, context, and location increase sales conversion. Personalization can deliver 5 to 8 times the ROI on marketing spend. 

ICONS-4.pngHigher Average Order Value

Put customers back on the purchase journey and increase average order value with tactics such as targeted offers, automated product recommendations, dynamic merchandising, and amplifying shopping cart activity.

ICONS-3.pngHigher Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Retailers that truly personalize and contextualize offers to individuals can drive an additional same-shopper sales improvement of over 10%.

ICONS-2.png1:1 Relationship with the Consumer

69% of online smartphone users are more likely to buy from a brand whose mobile site or app helps them easily find answers to their questions.

Dynamic personalization (using customer data to vary your content based on a specific audience segment) presents a highly personalized experience that speaks to your audience and improves conversion.

ICONS-6-1.pngPersonalized, Timely Promotions that Win in the Micro Moments

Personalizing digital content by combining context and location data with deep insights like needs and behavior can improve customer experience on location, advertising efficiency, and encourage purchases. 61% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps customize information to their location.

ICONS-1.pngMore Brand Love and Loyalty in a Fickle World

Retailers that truly personalize and contextualize offers to individuals can drive more than 2x improvement in customer loyalty.Omnichannel_Personalization_tweet

ICONS-7.pngCompetitive Advantage

Consumers will reward the companies that meet their precise moments of need with higher engagement and brand love. Companies that do not have a personalization strategy will continue to deliver a fragmented experience at each touchpoint and will lose market share in this brand-switching economy. By 2018 companies that have fully invested in personalization will outsell those that don't by 20%. 

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Omnichannel Personalization: The Ultimate Tool for Creating Wildly Desirable Omnichannel Experiences